"First in Flight will push you off the ledge... and catch you before you hit the ground"

Two metal musicians looking for a change. Two jazz geeks looking to rock. A small suburb considered a “speed bump” between San Francisco and Los Angeles, a Craigslist post, a high school marching band prodigy, a college cheerleader, and bubble tea. This was the beginning of what became the national touring act First in Flight. 

It only takes one small decision to change someones life, and First in Flight is here to be your anthem music to make that change. They’ve created an 80’s fueled dance rock sound with the goal of empowering you to face your fears. Imagine if Cobra Starship and IDKHOW got into a bar fight. That sound. The sweetness of cotton candy in the middle of a mosh pit. They create music for those looking for an escape, seeking independence, and craving change. If My Chemical Romance is a shoulder to cry on, then First in Flight is the locker room pump up speech that comes after. 

Recently, they released their hit single “It’s Cool” reaching nearly 1M streams on Spotify, as well as their new track “Skeletons”. They also exploded on Tik Tok, accumulating 300,000+ followers in under 3 months. They’ve gone viral with their popular videos landing them placements on BARSTOOL SPORTS, GRANDMA’S STORY, and the IG stories of THE OFFSPRING and LARS ULRICH from METALLICA.

They’ve seen similar success on Instagram. In less than 1 month, they increased their followers 13x from 5,000 to over 65,000, with their IG videos averaging 50K+ views. Engagement is higher than ever before and they continue on a skyrocketing trajectory towards 100,000 followers and creating an avid listener base of their new music.

First in Flight most recently came off a full US Tour with Finish Ticket and has performed with acts like Vinyl Theatre, MILKK, and AllDay.

Social Media / Music Links:

Spotify (34K monthly listeners)
Facebook (4K followers)
Instagram (67K followers)
YouTube (3.5K Subscribers) 
Tik Tok (340K Followers)