Take four and make sure you’re not alone
Walk fast and slide past the velvet rope
Sealed lips, finger tips, and afterglow
Got something to hide?

(I gotta know)
What happens when the curtains close?
(Start the show)
Darker side begins to grow
(Just lay low)
No one has to know you’ve
Got something to hide

There’s always someone in the backroom
Woah oh oh oh oh
Secrets secrets are no fun
They’re gonna catch you
Woah oh oh oh oh
It won’t go away

Freakshows in cheap clothes roam the halls
Confessions etched in the bathroom stall
We’re all imposters outside these walls
Got something to hide?

(A hidden place)
The make up and the mask comes off
(Show your face)
Sick desires no one saw
(Run away)
Pray you don’t get caught
We’ve got something to hide

As the lights go down
Skeletons come out
It’s poison but you just can’t keep away


Sold out stages, never aging
Billboard fantasy
Checks that don't cash, holes in the raft
Hid by LED's

A once crowded room now sings echoes at you
My love, my love
A world you once shook was from cooking the books
My love, it's all I'm asking for

Scarlett, you took the ride down
Scarlett, you ran on steam
Scarlett, now pay the piper
Scarlett don't you see that it's a scheme?

Empty promise, binding contract
From 2013
Now a has-been, doors are closing
At least you got the streams...

We all sang along to your one viral song
My love, my love
Who knew your fame would expire today
My love, it's all I'm asking for...

Said no, no don't buy in
Said no, no don't buy in!


Tick Tock as her body's rockin' back and forth
Light's out as he's sneaking through the back door
Quickly reading and deleting every text and call.
Waiting for him... waiting for him...

Cause he told his friends he was headed home
She checked that both her roommates were gone
Pink shirt, tight skirt up against the wall
Waiting for him now..

It's Cool
Just promise you'll never say
It's Cool
Cause life will get in the way
Becuse I've been locked up and I've spilled my guts but
With you I feel safe
It's Cool
Just between you and me

Red scratches tattoo both his shoulder blades
She rocks a turtleneck in 85 degrees
Got another session penciled in for Saturday
Waiting for him, waiting for...

Cause the rush of this crush and the fabulous guilt
The lies to her friends face but she just can't quit it
Making her making her making her go...
Making her making her making her go...


Roll down the windows, and feel the time slow
I'm swimming in your stare
A silence that could strip me bare, as I inhale

My voice shakes, stomach aches,
I'm frozen with anticipation now
Staring at my escape, so close...

Finally it's time, my time
Mind's made up, my heart is racing
Draw the line
Stand up tall, my chains are breaking
Now, right now
Slam the door behind me cause I know
It'll only get better, than you're giving me

Chopsticks and Champagne, a laugh in the rain,
calendar's empty, a new day
All things you don't allow,
cause I'm finally out...

I held my breath a jumped,
my parachute was a feeling in my gut
Told I would not recover,
now I dance to my own rhythm

Oh oh oh, the feeling of my life is coming on
This is right where I belong

The door opens, my feet frozen,
this moment I must own it, these shoulders
Carry the weight of being lead astray,
the price I pay, today's the day, and now I'll tell you but

My voice shakes, stomach aches, I'm frozen with anticipation now
Staring at my escape, my escape...


A twist of smoke and a mid-nineties show
With the taste of moonlight
(Why can’t I breathe)
You’ll try to be there, or show up later
The Universal Lie
(Why can’t I breathe)

And I’m finding solace in iconic prophecies
And losing touch while hiding from uncertainty

Don’t Leave Me Alone
When You Decide its over
You Gotta Let Me Know
Don’t Leave Me Alone
I'm Playing the Performer
To Never Be Exposed
I’ll Never Be Alone

I’m gasping, drowning for love promised by success
While friends change like seasons
spotlight’s permanent, Infinite relevance

A sick obsession, consequences follow me...